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Soft tissue injury cases are probably the number one defense cases that should go to trial, in the state of Florida. They are inexpensive, for the most part, to try. You’re going to win these cases nine times out of 10, and if you get a reputation for trying these cases, that eliminates litigation on other files of the company. If these cases are the types that you pay all the time, you’re going to get more and more of these lawsuits being filed against you. Jurors understand that if a picture shows no property damage to an automobile, a person cannot be seriously injured. We’ve had a great deal of success trying these cases.

If The Injured Driver And Passenger Were Not Wearing Seat Belts, Is That Enough To Prove Only Minimal Damages Are Due, If Any?

Seatbelt defense has a giant impact on defensive cases. If you can prove that a plaintiff or an alleged injured party was not wearing their seatbelt, it will discredit most, if not all, of their damages.

Can We Show The Jury Both the Original Medical Billed Amount And The Amount Accepted As Payment By Healthcare Providers To Prove The Reasonableness Of Costs As It Relates To Damages?

You can show the jury the original amount of medical bills versus the amount accepted from a healthcare provider. This is a very successful avenue in destroying letters of protection in the state of Florida. Medical providers are billing six times the proper amount. If you take the medical billing personnel in that health care provider’s office and they say that they charged $75,000 but accepted $5,000, then that’s the amount that the jury is going to look at and know that the charges were unreasonable.

Will Your Firm Use Mechanics And Other Experts To Show the Condition Of The Vehicle Prior To And After The Accident?

You need every tool in your toolkit. If you have photographs, they are often enough. Research reports on the vehicles are very helpful. It really depends upon the severity of the injury. If you just have a soft tissue case you, don’t necessarily always need a biomechanical expert. If someone is claiming a more serious injury, like a brain injury, or they have a need for surgery, then you might need a biomechanical expert to show the only reason they have these damages is because of their failure to wear a seatbelt.

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