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Bad Faith Insurance Defense Preparedness

Posted by | September 3, 2010
Posted in: Bad Faith

Bad Faith Insurance Defense Preparedness

Recently I mistakenly received a request to attend a Plaintiff’s bad faith seminar entitled “Bad Faith Insurance Summit”. As I represent insurers in these matters I could not go. To all my friends in the insurance industry, take a second to look at the link (www.360advocacy.com) describing the seminars at the summit presentation. The topics include:

  • Recognize, preserve and strategize the bad faith claim
  • Uncover the evidence of the insurer’s misconduct
  • Understand the inner workings of the insurance companies, including the claims handing process and their settlement process
  • Delve into the juror’s subconscious – the Reptile

While I agree with  the Plaintiff’s lawyer/Reptile commentary, this serves as an example at how prepared our opposition is on bad faith matters and how we should strive collectively to defend these suits.