Matthew Scarborough

“I wanted to tell you again that yesterday’s result was outstanding. Your strategy of trying this case against Burnetti was spot on, and the application of the strategy was flawless. A net zero verdict on a clear liability case, starting at $180k in specials in retrospect is incredible. I have to say that yesterday would have to be the high point of my litigation part of my job. I told you I have sat through at least 12 trials at least, and have had a large number of good results. Given the facts of this case yours was phenomenal, In all other cases, I tried in the past we had something positive to work with. This one was just the Scarborough clinic on trial lawyering.

It was a pleasure to watch it.”


“Best lawyer around! He treats you as if he personally knows you and fights for you in every way possible. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need! I know if I ever get back into trouble he’s who I’d call first!”

A Satisfied Client

Michael R. Simons Testimonials:

“Mr. Simons was very attentive to our questions throughout the process of setting up our wills and trust. He clearly articulated the various structures so that we could make an informed decision. We greatly appreciated his attention to detail and sincere interest in our family.”


“Mr. Simons was fantastic in explaining what was happening in my foreclosure case. He was extremely helpful to my husband and I. Mr. Simons is very knowledgeable with the foreclosure process.”


“Mr. Simons responded to my initial call the same day. He explained exactly what was happening in terms I could understand. Mr. Simons told me step by step what he would do for me and formed a solid plan on how I could proceed. He did exactly what he said he would do and kept me informed every step of the way.

The fear of my situation was greatly diminished. I never felt out of touch with Mr. Simons and he gained my complete confidence. Mr. Simons gets my highest recommendation.”


“My case, though common, had complex issues and I am confident Mike did the reviews carefully and handled everything with great care.”