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Historically, soft tissue injury claims resolve with a very minimal payout, if defended correctly.

What Evidence And Experts Are Generally Used In Soft Tissue Injury Cases?

The number one type of evidence we need is good photographs. That will lay in the hands of the adjuster, who is going to be taking those photographs. Another very important thing to use is records of prior claims, prior accidents, and prior injuries. The records often speak for themselves. In extreme cases, you might want to get mechanical experts involved but you only want to do that if more serious injuries are claimed, like a surgical case or a brain injury.

Will I Be Unable To Recover Damages If I Am Partially At Fault For An Auto Accident?

In Florida, we have a comparative negligence statute. Even if you are partially at fault, you can recover damages.

Who Does Your Firm Defend In Commercial Vehicle Or Trucking Accident Cases?

Our company has had a long relationship with a company called Ring Power Corporation, based out of St. Augustine. They operate different types of heavy equipment and trucks throughout the state of Florida. We currently defend and try cases for them. We’ve also done trucking cases for Westfield Insurance Company, Lloyd’s of London, and certain underwriters.

What Resources Do You Use In The Investigation Of A Trucking Accident Claim?

We are unique in that we have an action team that can report to the scene of an accident 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We have an attorney assigned, who can arrive at the scene with an expert. It is very important to do a physical examination of the roadway, looking for skid marks, gouge marks, and other physical evidence. On some of the vehicles, we can download the GPS and black box information at the scene.

Why Is It Critical To Analyze The Scene Of An Accident In An Injury Claim?

Evidence goes away. If not captured at the scene of the accident, it will be lost forever. Then, you have plaintiffs and witnesses making up information that does not exist. You may also talk to witnesses who are going to be reluctant in the future to talk to an attorney, an expert, or an investigator. At the scene, they’re fresh and ready to give their accurate recollection of what happened. It results in a fair and full investigation.

What Are Some Potential Defenses That Can Be Used When Defending Against An Injury Claim?

The overall goal of our firm is to stop fraudulent claims. We do that by determining whether the plaintiff has had any prior litigation or any prior injury to these parts of their bodies. The grand majority of the time, they’ll lie about pre-existing injuries. One of the strategies that we have developed is filing motions to dismiss for fraud. If we can show that a plaintiff is lying about their main injury, oftentimes we can get a case shut down immediately.

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