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In the state of Florida, an injury on your property is probably going to result in a lawsuit. I would immediately take photographs at the scene where the injury occurred and immediately notify your insurance company. It’s also very important to talk to a lawyer right away. We have an accident response team that can go to the scenes of these types of incidents and do a scene investigation. It’s often very important because the evidence does go away. The case could go away, if we can prove that the condition was open and obvious and that the person should have seen it.

Am I Automatically Liable If Someone Is injured On My Property In Florida?

There’s no automatic liability. In order to place liability on a commercial landowner in Florida, the person who was injured has to prove that the dangerous condition was known by the landowner, or should have been known. If it’s something that suddenly happened and it was only there for a few minutes before the accident, you’re not at fault. If it’s a very open and obvious condition that someone should have seen, the landowner is also not at fault.

Can My Social Guests Sue Me?

A social guest can sue you. The standard is the same: whether you knew of the dangerous condition or should have known of it.

Who Are Customers? What Happens If A Customer Is Injured At My Place Of Business?

A customer is the same as a social guest, as far as the duty owed. The standards are a bit looser on a commercial property. Judges are going to be more likely to let that case go to a jury. There are some standards, as far as investigation and inspections, which are stricter in a commercial setting. It’s a good idea to have inspection dates, times, and schedules documented.

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