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When a plaintiff or an insured sues his own property insurance carrier, after a property loss, they’re claiming that the insurance company didn’t pay them the proper benefits. I’ve been handling these matters for almost 30 years in state and federal courts, on both the first party side and the coverage side.

My partner, Bob Schulte, handles these cases throughout the state of Florida, defending them from every angle, and was one of the authors of the new Assignment of Benefits bill. We travel throughout the state of Florida on our defense cases and we do not charge travel time. We have defended homeowners, carriers, venture holders, and corporations.

What Steps Does My Business Need To Take When Being Sued For Arson, Fraud, Sinkhole Or Hurricane Issues In Florida?

The most important thing an insurance company can do when being sued on a first-party matter is to do an early investigation. You have to get out to the scene immediately and do a complete scene investigation; talk to all the witnesses and capture what happened, before it gets inflated by a plaintiff’s lawyer. You also need to utilize the policy and conduct examinations under oath. If they don’t sit for an examination under oath, then you have a coverage defense under the policy. You can deny coverage if they fail to sit a number of times.

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