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Personal injury protection coverage from your own automobile insurance carrier comes first. Health insurance and Medicare can’t pay for accident treatment, should you not be able to get personal injury protection (PIP) coverage.

How Does Personal Injury Protection Coverage Work In Florida?

In order to qualify for PIP coverage in the state of Florida, you have to receive treatment within 14 days of a motor vehicle accident. If you don’t receive treatment within 14 days of the accident, the PIP insurance will disqualify you from benefits.

Are Pedestrians And Bicyclists Also Covered Under PIP or Personal Injury Protection In Florida?

Pedestrians and bicyclists are covered by PIP under certain circumstances. They have to be struck by an automobile or involved in an accident with an automobile in order to qualify for PIP coverage.

Who Can Render Medical Care Under Florida’s PIP Law?

Medical doctors of any type, including chiropractors, hospitals, and emergency rooms can render medical care under PIP coverage.

What Is Considered An Emergency Medical Condition Or EMC In Florida?

An emergency medical condition involves acute symptoms, following a motor vehicle accident, of sufficient severity that without immediate attention, it would cause a serious impact to body function. It is important to have a medical physician qualify a treatment as an emergency medical condition.

When Should An EMC Be Filed?

Any time you are receiving treatment within 14 days after an auto accident, a doctor will note whether there is an emergency medical condition.

Under Florida Law, What Is A MIST Claim Or A Minor Impact Soft Tissue Injury Claim?

MIST is an acronym that stands for minimal impact soft tissue. These injuries generally occur in an accident where you are driving under five miles per hour. A soft tissue injury is a strain or sprain to some part of the body. We encourage clients in these types of cases to make an offer of 25% more than the outstanding medical bills and to file a motion to preclude elective surgery, which precludes a plaintiff to file a personal injury litigation case to proceed with an elective surgery before notifying us.

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